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Condemned to Repeat It

Posted by Tug Brice on 30 Dec. 2020

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2020 is almost over. In just two days, it will be 2021. It has been a rough year on a number of levels. In the US, we had the most contentious election in decades, not to mention protests and violence over a number of issues. And that’s before we factor in a worldwide pandemic.

$O$ was founded on the principles of empathy and compassion. We believe that caring for others is not optional and should be universal. The need for these principles was demonstrated this past year more than ever. People died due to the lack of them. They died due to racism, classism, greed, pride, stubbornness, and sometimes sheer stupidity. 

People also died because they gave of themselves to others. Healthcare workers who put themselves in harm’s way to help those with COVID. Protestors who stood up for the rights of those who don’t have them. 

All of these deaths, and the innumerable injuries that often get glossed over in articles like this, could have been avoided if people simply treated others with compassion, or took a moment to try to understand their situation. 

We can’t change the past. All we can do is learn from it. So as much as we all want to put 2020 behind us, I hope that we remember it and the lessons that it can teach us. The philosopher George Santayana said that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

I’m pretty sure no one wants to repeat 2020. 

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