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$0$ runs on data. There has been a lot of talk, both positive and negative, about data. So, let’s take this chance to talk about what data is, what it can do, and how $0$ uses it.

What Is Data?

Data is any piece of information. In this case, it is information about you.

What Can Data Do?

We all understand the everyday uses (and misuses) of data, such as a website keeping track of your likes and dislikes, and getting sent junkmail and telemarketing calls, but what else can it do? With enough of it, data can reveal patterns that we might not otherwise detect. Through careful analysis, the right data can produce results that help people act in a more efficient way, and sometimes enable conclusions we might not otherwise come to. The correct use of data has revolutionized most industries.

How Does $0$ Use Data?

$0$ uses your data in three ways:

  1. $0$ uses your data to help you and others. By gathering information on what people need and have to give, we are able to effectively provide help to as many people as possible. Using data, we can find more efficient ways to provide services to those who need it, thus ensuring our donors’ gifts go as far as possible.
  2. $0$ uses your data to detect trends. By gathering data about different needs in different places, we can do more than just address symptoms. If we see a lot of the same problem popping up in a particular area, we can work with the local community to find the cause and stop the problem at its source.
  3. $0$ uses your data to raise money. Data is valuable. Companies spend a lot of time, money, and research to gather data. They gather data on all sorts of things. All data is valuable, but data on what people need is particularly valuable, and that is exactly the kind of data $0$ gathers. We sell this valuable data to raise money. The money raised in this way goes to cover operating expenses, meaning that 100% of donations received go toward helping others, and any extra money gained from selling data goes to help people whose needs can’t be met by our donors alone.

We are 100% honest about what data we gather and how we use that data. We are open to questions about our data usage policy, and will be glad to talk to anyone about them. $0$ is here to help people, not hurt them.

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