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Why $0$?

Posted by on 10 Sep. 2019

(Hey everyone. This is Tug. Normally I am the one who writes these blog entries, but today my partner, Alan Underwood, is subbing in. He is the guy who started this whole thing, and today he’s going to talk about why. Take it away Alan.) Since we are about eight months in, I thought it […]

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Who is $0$?

Posted by on 5 Sep. 2019

There are two people primarily responsible for $0$, Alan Underwood and Tug Brice. I’m here today to tell you a little bit more about the co-founders of this project. Alan has been a designer for the better part of two decades. He started in marketing, and quickly discovered he had a gift for seeing things […]

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The Story of a Taco

Posted by on 3 Sep. 2019

The mission of $0$ is to help people. I said before that $0$ is user-focused, and what that means is that we look at the little picture. There are a lot of organizations that have big missions, that aim to help with disasters or solve community problems. That’s not what helping people means to us. […]

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What is $0$?

Posted by on 28 Aug. 2019

 Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog for $0$. My name is Elliott “Tug” Brice, and I am one of the co-founders of the project. My job is to be the public face on the charity side of things. I’ll mostly be the one writing these posts, and telling you the stories of the people […]

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