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Make No Mistake

Posted by on 8 Nov. 2020

My last journal entry was about forgiveness and second chances. About how making mistakes is human and forgiveness is divine. And I imagine there will be a lot of people in the next few weeks wanting to divorce themselves from the things they did over the last few years. And there will also be people […]

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Second Chances

Posted by on 6 Nov. 2020

The votes are still being tallied, but it looks as if Biden has an unshakable lead, and the Republicans have lost ground in the Senate. Which brings us to an important question: What happens now? Assuming that the count does turn out in Biden’s favor, what do we do with all of these people who […]

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Choose Kindness

Posted by on 2 Nov. 2020

Here it is. Election Day eve. Technically Election Day early morning. This is easily the most momentous election in the last 50 years. While the decision will be made tomorrow, the results won’t be known for a while. But regardless of what that decision is, we need to remember something. No matter what happens, we […]

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Might Makes Right

Posted by on 25 Oct. 2020

There’s a lesson we learn very early on as human beings, and if we are very lucky, we are able to forget it. It’s a lesson that applies to every power structure in existence. We like to pretend that as civilized beings that it doesn’t apply to us, but it very much does. The fact […]

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Sacred Play

Posted by on 19 Oct. 2020

Today I wrote a dear friend of mine a letter of recommendation. They are applying to a Ph.D. program to get their doctorate in education, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. They are just an amazing person and this is a great next step for them. Writing that letter got me thinking, and it reminded […]

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Live the Way

Posted by on 18 Oct. 2020

Continuing on our recent theme of martial arts, I wish to talk this time about a book written in Japan in the late 1600s and early 1700s called Hagakure, written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo and arguably one of the more influential books in history. It laid down the author’s thoughts on bushido, the warrior code of […]

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The Miracle in Numbers

Posted by on 17 Oct. 2020

I was just idly flipping through Facebook, as I am prone to doing instead of going to bed like I should have three hours ago, when I saw a thing where someone wrecked their motorcycle and ended up falling down an open manhole. One of the comments on this was something along the lines of […]

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Burst Your Bubble

Posted by on 14 Oct. 2020

One thing I both love and hate about social media is the filter bubble effect, also known as a social media bubble. With increasingly smart algorithms and search tools available online, we have the ability to isolate ourselves from any information we don’t agree with or don’t want to see. A related effect is the […]

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The Science of Belief

Posted by on 12 Oct. 2020

Last night’s blog wasn’t meant to be about conflict. It was meant to be about something else but took a hard left turn (pun fully intended this time, thank you for pointing that out Alan). When I got started talking about conflict, I realized I wanted to talk about that anyway, so decided to put […]

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Paradox of Self Defense

Posted by on 11 Oct. 2020

I saw a video about martial arts the other night. I’ve studied martial arts several times during my life, each time studying a different art. It started when I was young. My parents thought it would help me build discipline and anger management skills. Spoiler alert: It didn’t. Not because the martial arts don’t do […]

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